Eco Tan

I am OBSESSING over everything Ecotan by Sonya Driver at the moment.

Being quite pale I love to have a tan as I’m often mistaken as looking ‘sickly’ because my face doesn’t tend to see the sun very much #firstworldproblems.

Face Tan Water has literally changed my life. OK maybe a slight exaggeration there – but seriously, where has this product been all my life!? I apply it every second day after I’ve cleansed my face at night and it absorbs so quickly I can then apply my evening facial moisturiser. Best part about this product is that no one will notice. It’s a light effortless addition of colour to your complexion without clogging your pores or causing you to break out. As someone who has suffered from horrible skin since my teenage years, yes, even into adulthood – and don’t even get me started on pregnancy skin… I have to be so careful that I use clean products.

What are “clean” products you say? Well let me me just tell you that there is a reason you probably don’t know or understand the ingredients list on the back of your skincare. Some of the most heavily marketed products are so damaging to your skin. They may be working on the surface level but they are doing a whole new world of damage underneath.

I am super passionate about skin care because it’s something I have struggled with for the majority of my lifetime. In year 7 I was wearing foundation to school every day to hide all of my pimples. At the time there wasn’t a huge market for ‘natural’ skincare and I’m sure you’ve realised a lot of companies may use that as a selling point when in actual fact maybe one of those ingredients (and a very minimal amount at that) is included. But hey, what would marketing be if it wasn’t a little bit deceiving right?! They want the “sales”.

Georgie Stevenson hosted Sonya on her podcast and hearing her story and how her incredible business was created was so heartwarming and inspiring. I love to support businesses who have a real and genuine purpose in this life. I also can’t help but rave about them to everyone I meet!

My newest additions to my beauty cabinet are Glory Oil, Coconut Mint Body Wash and Hempitan – Body Tan Water. Hempitan is not something I would recommend to someone who isn’t familiar with tanning. It literally applies like water so if you miss a spot it can be rather obvious and you may look a little odd… work quickly with this product and enjoy the fact that it dries almost instantly and you can reapply multiple coats if needed. It didn’t smell or stick into my dry areas (knees/elbows/ankles etc.) like most tanning products do for me and also didn’t transfer onto my clothing or my bedding which is one of the best selling points I have! Those who tan on the regular will feel my pain with this point of difference!

The body wash is divine, but if you don’t like peppermint then this isn’t for you because the smell is quite potent. I adore the scent and I’m hoping regular use of this product will help improve my pregnancy induced yet never disappeared skin condition, which literally has me looking like a pink Dalmatian all over my torso (not cute!). I’ve been feeling the need to steer away from regular soap bars for some time now and this has well and truly won me over. Yes it’s more expensive that your traditional soap bar but for me it is ALL about the ingredients.

Glory Oil is a product I wish I had invested in sooner. You use this like you would a moisturiser. You can even mix this in with your moisturiser if you choose. I personally love it on it’s own. It’s a multi use oil that you can use on your body in areas that may have stretch marks, scarring etc. or on your face. I have a lot of scarring on my face. I’ve been to a specialist to enquire about having the scarring treated and I was told it would cost me thousands due to the different types of scarring I have. Icepick scars, pitted scars… you name it I have it. All I want is to improve my skin. It will never be glass like, airbrushed perfect skin and I’ve come to terms and accepted that. I have every faith that this product will help me achieve my goal. Progress not perfection am I right?

In light of my recent new found love with this product range I have gifted my mum some goodies which she is now in love with. I trialed the Super Citrus Cleanser and as someone who wears makeup daily I still revert back to my Arbonne cleanser because I found that although this cleanser was beautiful it wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped. I have treated her to the Super Acai Exfoliator as well as my original favourite – the Face Tan Water.

I have no doubt over time I will continue to purchase every item in her range but for now I’m just extremely grateful that this line of products exists and it ticks all the boxes: Certified Organic. All Natural. Proudly Vegan. Cruelty Free. Toxic Free. Oh and did I mention is was Australian made and owned!


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