A deeper understanding

This is the second time this has happened or perhaps this is the second time I have been consciously aware of this happening. A moment where I’ve been talking to someone and they react in a way they don’t quite understand. Where they have no idea why their body is showing an emotion but their soul or maybe it’s their higher self is showing the recognition. I spoke to my healer about this recently and she offered me the clarity and insight on how we may not know but our higher self has a deeper understanding.

Helen will always ask me how my nan is and has done ever since she performed her healing. My nan and I will often have some deep conversations. She’s one of those special people in my life that I go to for advice and to talk things through over a cuppa when no one else is around. I wasn’t sure how open she would be when I started to talk through my healing journey with Charlie but she completely surprised me. As someone who grew up in a catholic household and always had a strict catholic faith, when I started to talk about Bowen Therapy and Pet Healing I thought she may think it was some kind of gimmick and just change the subject.

She adores animals and has always had pets – but never inside the home. Nan has never had the time to love on them like we seem to these days. 8 kids generally keeps a person rather busy! As I was sharing my experience with Maddison and the amazing progress she had made with her energy healing on Charlie my Nan started to cry. What I was saying was in no way sad or something that would trigger that kind of reaction. It was like this overwhelming emotion came over her, almost as though her soul or higher self recognised that she too had received this healing. We’ve never spoken of her reiki as Helen did it through a photo and in the moment when I arranged her distant healing session I didn’t know if my Nan would permit her to help. In a moment of pure desperation I wasn’t prepared to lose her so naturally we do everything we possibly can to save those that we love.

I don’t believe that I’ll ever communicate with her that she has had a healing but the emotion she shared gave me every acknowledgement that I needed, that somewhere deep inside she already knew.

The second time this happened was today. Often when it’s just the kids and I they will ask me to pull out my angel cards. The last 2 days, it’s been our morning ritual as soon as they wake up (at their request of course!) I have my new Rebecca Campbell ‘The Rose Oracle’ deck that I’ve just introduced them to and they are amazed by the artwork! We sit in a triangle and I get them to take 3 deep breaths before we begin. To help open our sacred space they prefer to imagine a dragonfly or a butterfly at their heart center instead of a Rose which is totally unique and resonant to them (which I adore!) I ask them both to tap on the deck and reset the energy when it’s their turn and I will always explain to them what I’m doing and why so they have a complete understanding of the process. These angel cards like most others are designed more so for adults to read and understand so I interpret them to my children in a way that they can understand and I intuitively understand them to fit into their lives.

When it came time for Jacob to pick his angel card I started to explain to him the meaning behind the words and imagery. Out of nowhere Jacob started crying. His eyes were watering and he seemed so confused. His card was about being “held” and my sensitive little soul needs so much love but I feel as though his outgoing nature sometimes makes people forget just how much he craves that emotional self care and softness. I asked him why he was crying and he said he didn’t know. He may not have known, but I did, and in that moment it was another reminder that I am so grateful he is mine and I can hold this space for him and guide him to connect to his higher self and inner knowing.

Just as I have been reminded, sometimes people’s initial reactions may not be what we hope for them to be when we say something. They may not understand, they might reject or deflect, they may even argue… but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t resonate somewhere deeper, closer to their soul.


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I am a wife and mum to my 2 minis and 2 furbabies. I love to read. I love to cook. I love to create. I love to organise. I love to walk. I am introvert. I have a passion for beauty therapy. I love crystals, angel cards and anything 'woo woo'. I believe we are all here for a purpose and this is a huge part of mine. Sending you love, light and blessings where ever you are in the world. Thank you for finding me x

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