The magic of Circle

We live in a world, surrounded by judgement, where we document our lives for strangers who make comments and troll. Although our lives may be filled with moments of bliss they are also consumed with chaos and this never ending momentum of needing to keep up.

Imagine a place where you feel whole. You feel seen. You can express your emotions freely and openly. Other individuals you have never met or known before are supporting you, guiding you and if you are as emotionally and sensitively in tune as I am, you feel as though your heart is truly being held. People who are so like minded they honor your feelings and listen without judgement even if they don’t understand what you’re going through.

It’s real, it’s possible and it’s sacred. This is the magic of Circle in my eyes. Maybe this isn’t for you but if you are like me of course it can be overwhelming but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

I think it’s important to note that if you are curious and unsure about what to expect then an online circle may be the most positive first experience for you. There is less pressure in an online space to show up for the collective. You don’t have to worry so much about your vulnerability being exposed because in those moments you can choose to have your camera turned off or to simply refrain from sharing things in the chat field. Your energy is also protected and in a way you experience the circle in more of a solo vibe.

The previous full moon was extremely heavy for me. Having just lost my fur baby – Charlie I was in every kind of pain and the emotional release was so intense. I was apart of an online Circle with another beautiful soul and I was unable to stop crying. And they were gut wrenching full body cries because I hadn’t allowed myself the time to mourne. In this scenario it was definitely not something I needed to do in person but that decision was personal to me and my circumstance.

The most important thing to note is there are many Circle facilitators but you need to choose someone you resonate with. Someone you connect with and who you believe can hold space for you. You don’t need to go in with anything written up, with verbiage planned out or any kind of organisation in place. You simply need to open your heart to allow whatever is meant to come up to be shared and released. Trust in the process. Trust in yourself and know that whatever is brought up is coming up for a reason.

Our souls have this amazing ability to know what we need, even when we don’t realise and a lot of the time I don’t believe we are completely in tune with ourselves (which is perfectly OK). There is nothing wrong with that, but it makes it more important to surround yourself with someone who facilitates Circle in a way that you can connect to your higher self.

Perhaps you ask the universe for a sign? Or if that person has a social media account, observe how they speak, what they share, how they spread their message and their overall vibe. Most people in this space operate from a place of authenticity. They are conscious of their energy and what they are putting out into the world so how they show up online is exactly how they are in real life.

Lean into your intuition.

Trust the process.

Let your soul guide you.

Release control.

Trust the signs.

You have no idea how amazing and refreshing it was to meet Sahej in person. She is absolutely the same beautiful soul you encounter online:

I am someone who when nervous feels sick to my stomach and that feeling consumes my whole body. I am nauseas, trembling and overcome with anxiety… and the need to pee! This was a fear I knew I needed to push through because this was something my soul was calling me to do for so long. Month after month I would see her posts and think ‘Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing to be there in person?

I registered for her event online and expressed my worries. Sahej made me feel completely at ease. Her communication and attention to detail is impeccable and as someone who notices the intricate details and efforts I am extremely grateful. I had my yoga mat, drink bottle and journal with me (and of course I had a crystal tucked safely in my bag as well!) Prior to me going into her home I had brown and orange butterflies fly over my windscreen while I sat in my car and the angel numbers 222 appeared. I know that I am divinely guided and that I was meant to be there.

Greeted with the warmest embrace followed by cups of tea, personalised grazing boxes and the gorgeous gift of a journal and pen was an afternoon I will never forget. Sahej guided us through meditations, journal prompts and the pulling of angel cards. Incredibly synchronistic for me is that she had Kyle Gray’s angel cards and that sign definitely did not go unnoticed! One incredible experience you don’t get whilst online is the opportunity to share. She had such a deep appreciation for what was expressed and we each had our own space to share however much or little we wished as we passed the selenite to the next person. 2 hours passed so swiftly and we finished off our Circle with craft and made our own affirmation cards. I was in heaven and so blissfully happy – my cup was most definitely full!

There are very few people I meet who I describe as a human angel, but she is definitely one of them.


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I am a wife and mum to my 2 minis and 2 furbabies. I love to read. I love to cook. I love to create. I love to organise. I love to walk. I am introvert. I have a passion for beauty therapy. I love crystals, angel cards and anything 'woo woo'. I believe we are all here for a purpose and this is a huge part of mine. Sending you love, light and blessings where ever you are in the world. Thank you for finding me x

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